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eNewsChannels - June 13, 2013

Golf Pipeline provides a place to search and book tee times, and get social with fellow Golfers.  Golf enthusiasts will smile at this: Golf Pipeline is a place where you can now track every aspect of your golf game in one convenient and comprehensive web portal. Golf Pipeline provides...

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Urban Daddy - March 8, 2013

Raise the pin for Golf Pipeline, a smart new website that puts everything you need to manage your upcoming golf season in one digital place, online now.Finding a course. Reserving your tee time. Rounding up the crew. These things...

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PR Web - December 13, 2012

Golf Pipeline introduces a new program to assist Junior golfers - those golfers who are 22 years old or younger are eligible to obtain a free golf Handicap Index®. Junior golfers that join Golf Pipeline (membership is free) can obtain a free handicap starting immediately.  Junior golfers wishing to obtain a free handicap should visit Golf Pipeline and start by creating a free account. Users can register for Golf Pipeline through the use of...

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Yahoo! News - December 4, 2012

Golf Pipeline adds an ability for golfers to organize tee times and invite friends to play golf at any golf course in the United States by inviting Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections, and sharing golf activity on a user's Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn wall. A user simply visits the Profile page to connect their social accounts to Golf Pipeline, and can then invite Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts to join the Golf Pipeline website...

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WisBusiness.com - November 12, 2012

Golf Pipeline provides a one-stop-shop for golf enthusiasts looking to book tee times, invite friends to play, track their scores, establish a handicap membership, build a profile, and communicate with all of their golf buddies and track their golf games. Golf Pipeline utilizes a unique business model that allows it to form partnerships with golf courses around the country. These partnerships...

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PR Newswire - August 29, 2012

Golf Pipeline, a golfer management website providing tee time booking, score tracking, social networking, and related services, releases a feature called "Add a Tee Time" where a member can invite golf buddies to join a tee time they have booked for any golf course in the country...

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JSOnline - May 15, 2012

Golf Pipeline allows golfers to book tee times, establish handicaps, track their scores and build a network of friends. Think of it as Facebook for golf.  There is no cost to join Golf Pipeline (though there is an optional $18 fee to establish a U.S. Golf Association handicap). The site is easily navigable, and the dashboard is well-organized.  So how does it work?...

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YouTube - June 15, 2012

Golf Pipeline is a revolutionary change to the way golf tee times are made in America. Out with the old, in with the new - Golf Pipeline makes it easy for golfers to search for tee times, book their round, invite friends, track scores, and build a profile to show other golfers what's in your golf bag. Golf Pipeline is free to use...

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BizStarts Milwaukee

Golf Pipeline is a revolutionary online community providing golfers with the ability to book tee times, add existing tee times, invite friends to those tee times, track scores, join a club licensed to use the USGA® handicap system, and build a golf profile which can be shared with fellow golfers and golf courses.  The market for this service is domestic and international and is a $20 billion industry domestically...

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OnMilwaukee.com - April 11, 2012

Golfers all over the world have experienced the headache of putting together a foursome.  First, they book the tee time that works for them, usually for four players. Then they go about texting, emailing or calling their friends with details, asking who can play. The player who booked it is juggling all of the incoming messages and following up on the "Maybes" and "Check with me laters."...

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