Golf Pipeline Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions about Golf Pipeline

Why should I use Golf Pipeline instead of another golf website?

Golf Pipeline is the most comprehensive golf website around.  On Golf Pipeline, you can book tee times, add previously booked tee times, invite friends to play golf, track scores, establish a golf handicap index®, establish a "what's in my bag" golf profile, communicate with your golf buddies, and see your golf friends' activity as it happens.  There is nothing like Golf Pipeline for a golf enthusiast.  Many websites exist that offer one or a few of the capabilities that Golf Pipeline has, but there is not another company that has brought all of the features to golfers in one place.

How do I use Golf Pipeline?

For help in using Golf Pipeline, visit our selection of demo videos.  Golf Pipeline was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Start by searching online tee times or posting your previous golf scores.  Build your user profile and share what equipment is currently in your golf bag.  Invite some friends to join Golf Pipeline.  Or, add your upcoming round of golf that you previously reserved and invite your golf buddies to join your foursome.

Who should use Golf Pipeline?

Any golfer who wants to manage their golf game online, should use Golf Pipeline.  The website is so comprehensive that any golfer can find benefit by becoming a member.  Some golfers will only want to track previous golf scores while others will find value in the golf invitation management system.  Golfers who want to interact with their golf buddies will enjoy using the golf social network filled with features helping to keep golfers connected.  And yet others will use Golf Pipeline end-to-end for all of their golf game, from the booking process to the score tracking to the communicating.  Join today and see for yourself what Golf Pipeline can offer you.

How much does it cost to join Golf Pipeline?

Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  Golf Pipeline is FREE to join and the entire platform is free to use with the exception of adding a handicap club membership to your account.  There are no hidden fees or other costs involved.  Join FREE today!

Does Golf Pipeline offer a mobile app?

Not yet.  We are currently in development and will be informing our members when our mobile apps are ready to use!


Tee times on Golf Pipeline

Will I be charged a booking fee to reserve a tee time on Golf Pipeline?

Absolutely not.  There are no booking fees of any kind.  What you see is what you'll pay, plus any applicable state, local, and federal taxes.  We do not believe in booking fees and have heard our members loudly and clearly that they do not want to be charged anything more than the tee time itself.

How is my credit card information used?

Golf Pipeline treats your credit card information very sensitively.  The manner in which credit cad information is used on Golf Pipeline differs based on the type of transaction you complete.  See below:

1) Tee times booked online - during the process of booking an online tee time through Golf Pipeline, your credit card information will be used to hold your reservation with the golf course.  Currently, nothing is charged online when you book your tee time, and you simply pay the quoted price plus any federal, state, or local taxes, to the golf course.  Golf Pipeline does not store any credit card information following the tee time being booked.

2) Handicap Index® - when you purchase a golf handicap club membership licensed to use the USGA Handicap System, you will be immediately charged for the package you selected less any discounts that we offered at the time.  The credit card information is securely transmitted to our merchant partner, Bluepay.  Golf Pipeline does not store any credit card information following the tee time being booked. If you selected auto-renewal on your handicap club membership, Bluepay will facilitate the subsequent charge to your credit card for a 1-year renewal period after your membership expires.

If you have any questions regarding your credit card information and its security, please contact us by using the "Feedback for Golf Pipeline" widget on your screen.

When do I pay for my round of golf?

If you booked your tee time online through Golf Pipeline, you pay for your round of golf when you arrive at the golf course. There are no fees or other charges imposed by using Golf Pipeline.

Why do I have to enter my credit card information each time I book a tee time?

Golf Pipeline believes in credit card security and at this time, we have chosen not to store credit cards in our members' user profiles.  You will need to add your credit card each time you reserve a tee time online at Golf Pipeline.

What happens after I book my tee time?

After you book your tee time online through Golf Pipeline, you will be presented with an opportunity to do 2 things with the booked tee time:

1) Share your tee time - Golf Pipeline members that have connected their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to their user profile, can share the booked tee time to their Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn timeline, as well as to any Facebook friends' timelines or LinkedIn friends' email accounts.  This "Share" feature is not the tee time invitation process that occurs next, but an opportunity to broadcast the tee time being booked.

2) Invite friends to play golf - Whether or not you "Share" the tee time socially, the next step is the golf invitation management system designed exclusively by Golf Pipeline to make it easy to fill up your foursome (or other sized golfing group).  You can invite friends who are already members of Golf Pipeline, or invite non-members of Golf Pipeline via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  Each of the individuals you invite will receive a chance to confirm themself into the tee time and your foursome will automatically update itself based on the responses.  You can visit the tee times page at any time to manage a tee time that you've booked, or respond to a tee time invitation.

Then, go golf!

What if I don't show up for my tee time that I booked on Golf Pipeline?

The result associated with any golfer not showing up for a tee time booked on Golf Pipeline is determined individually by each golf course.  Cancelation, no-show, and rain check policies differ by golf course.  The most recommended course of action is to contact the golf course directly with any questions.  In most cases, golf courses are understanding of circumstances that arise and will usually work to accommodate the golfer(s) because they want to continue a relationship with you and retain your business.  But, golf is a game of integrity, so we'd ask that you contact the golf course as soon as you know if you are unable to play in your scheduled tee time.

How do I change my tee time?

If you want to keep your golf reservation but change the time or day, you have 2 options - you can 1) cancel the original tee time on Golf Pipeline and simply book another round, or 2) contact the golf course directly and ask them to move your tee time.  If you elect to cancel and book it again directly on Golf Pipeline, you will be required to perform a new invitation to your golf buddies.  If you elect to cancel and book it again through the golf course, no changes will be necessary on Golf Pipeline, but you will want to create a message to let your golf buddies know that you moved the tee time.

Can I cancel my tee time online?

Yes.  If you are the organizer of the tee time, you can cancel your entire tee time online directly with Golf Pipeline by visiting the tee times/invites page and clicking the button that says, "Cancel Entire Tee Time".  This will remove the tee time for all golfers that have been invited.  If you are an individual golfer that has been invited to play golf, and you wish to change your playing status, simply visit the tee times/invites page and click on the button that says, "View Tee Time Details" to change your playing status.  You can decline the invitation, or if you previously declined and now want to play, you can confirm the invitation if there is a spot available.

What happens if my round of golf is rained out?

If you encounter any issues with weather, please contact the golf course directly.  You are not charged in advance by Golf Pipeline, but it is up to each individual course as to whether or not a rain out occurs, and how to handle it.  If you have not checked in for your golf round and the golf course confirms that a rain out has occurred, nothing further is required of your part as you haven't paid anything on Golf Pipeline or at the course.  Once you've checked in and paid the golf course directly for your tee time, all weather issues are subject to the golf course's own policies.

Can I call the golf course and book a tee time for the same prices shown?

YES!  All tee times available to book online at Golf Pipeline are available for the same time and the same price by contacting the golf course directly.  Golf Pipeline is an extension of the golf course's own tee sheet, and as such, you will see identical inventory. Golfers enjoy booking their tee times directly on Golf Pipeline because of the integrated invitation management system and score tracking reminders.  Occasionally, a golf course may offer a special that is not available on Golf Pipeline.  These specials are typically available to members of the golf course email club, and you should contact the golf course for more details.

Why do you show available tee times that end up not being available?

On a very rare occasion, tee times are booked at the same time that another golfer has viewed a golf course's available inventory.  This happens rarely because once a tee time is selected by a golfer, any other golfers that saw the same tee time show up in their search results, will not be able to book that already-selected tee time.  Should you encounter this rare event, simply perform your search again.

Can I book a tee time on Golf Pipeline for a single golfer?

The answer is, "it depends".  Some golf courses allow single golfers to be booked and others do not.  We are not always able to determine this ahead of time due to golf course software configurations, so your best bet is to attempt the single booking and the system will let you know if the booking was successful or not.

How far in advance are tee times available on Golf Pipeline?

Most golf courses show available tee times for 10 to 14 days in advance.  Some golf courses allow a longer booking period of up to 30 to 60 days, and some allow a shorter period of time of up to 7 days.  All inventory for each participating golf course is available for the entire day if tee times are showing up for that golf course.

How can I see all available tee times for a golf course on Golf Pipeline?

When you perform a tee time search on Golf Pipeline, you have the ability to see all inventory for each golf course for the given day that you are searching.  Simply perform your tee time search and to the right of the available times, you'll see a link that says, "Show More Results".  Click that link and you will see all open tee times for that course, for that day.


Golf Pipeline Invitation System

I received a tee time invitation from a friend.  How do I accept/decline it?

Simply visit the tee times/invites page and click on the button that says, "Confirm" or "Decline".  If you want to change your playing status once you respond, click "View Tee Time Details" to update your playing status.  You can decline the invitation, or if you previously declined and now want to play, you can confirm the invitation if there is a spot available.

How does Golf Pipeline work with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

Golf Pipeline allows golfers to connect their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to their Golf Pipeline account in order to do one or more of the following:

 Share golf status - On your "Profile" page, you can select the "All Activity" link and post a status update about what's happening with your golf life.  During this posting process, you can select Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as accounts to 'share' your status to.

 Invite friends to golf - When you book a tee time, or add a previously booked tee time, you can invite your Facebook or LinkedIn friends to play in your group by selecting them and sending them the invite.

 Invite friends to join Golf Pipeline - From the "Friends" page, you can invite your friends to join the Golf Pipeline website by adding email addresses, importing email contacts, or inviting Facebook or LinkedIn contacts.

I belong to a private country club.  Can I use Golf Pipeline?

Yes, absolutely.  Golf Pipeline has a number of private golf golfers that use the website to organize who will be playing in their foursome.  Typically, a golfer will reserve the round with their private club, either by calling or by using their private club tee time system, then the golfer will visit Golf Pipeline and add the tee time to their profile, and continue with the same invitation process as if they booked the tee time on Golf Pipeline directly.  Once the golfers confirm their participation into the private club member's (organizer's) tee time, that private club member will either need to go back into their private club tee time system to fill in each golfer's name as shown on Golf Pipeline, or just show up and play golf!

My favorite golf course doesn't have tee times on Golf Pipeline.  Now what?

Bummer dude.  Okay, let's get you some help.  First, visit the Courses page to find the golf course and suggest they become a participating golf course on Golf Pipeline by clicking the "Suggest this Course" button.  Next, after you've booked your tee time the old fashioned way by calling the golf course (or using the golf course website directly), visit Golf Pipeline and add the tee time to your profile, and continue with the same invitation process as if you booked the tee time on Golf Pipeline directly.  Golf Pipeline can be used for any golf course in the United States.


Scoring & Handicap Clubs

I want to join a golf handicap club.  How do I join a club in my area?

First of all, good decision!  You'll be one step closer to knowing your game better and being able to fairly compete with your golf buddies, even if it's only for a beer after your round.  Simply visit the handicap clubs page and select the club that is in your area.  Golf Pipeline automatically uses your home zip code to perform the club search, so if your address has changed, don't forget to update your information on the profile page.  Once you've selected a club, you can view current members, when the club was established, and other information.  If you'd like to join that club, click the "Join this Golf Club licensed to use the USGA Handicap System" link, select the package you'd like to purchase, and complete the process.

How is Golf Pipeline affiliated with the USGA®?

All Golf Pipeline handicap clubs are Type III (Type 3) compliant clubs according to the USGA® rules and regulations for golf handicap clubs.  Golf Pipeline members must reside within 50 miles of a given club and will not be able to join a club outside of their area.  All approved Golf Pipeline clubs have a USGA® club ID number associated with them.  The Handicap Index® provided by Golf Pipeline is the exact same formula used at private clubs, public clubs, the state associations, and GHIN.

Is my golf handicap from Golf Pipeline an "official" USGA® handicap?

The USGA® does not use the phrase "official USGA® handicap".  Golf Pipeline clubs are considered "clubs licensed to use the USGA Handicap System" and are compliant with all USGA® handicap rules and regulations.

Does Golf Pipeline work with the GHIN® handicap system?

Not at this time.  The GHIN system is an independent system that is used by select state golf associations across the country. GHIN is one option for golfers wishing to obtain their golf handicap index.  Golf Pipeline is another available option for obtaining a golfer's handicap index, and on Golf Pipeline, it is integrated with other key elements of the website including booking tee times, tracking scores, using the golf social network, and other features.

Can I play in tournaments using my Golf Pipeline golf Handicap Index®?

The short answer is, "it depends".  A Golf Pipeline Handicap Index® is considered a valid handicap according to the USGA® handicap rules and regulations, however the decision to allow a Golf Pipeline Handicap Index® is made by each tournament director.  Most tournaments do not have a preference on which source a golfer obtains their golf Handicap Index® from, however some state tournaments or other competitive events require a Handicap Index® to be generated from a specific source.  Contact your tournament director for more information.

How do I print my golf Handicap Index® card showing my index and recent rounds?

Easy one - thanks for the softball.  Simply go to your handicap clubs page and click the Print link next to the "Handicap Card" label.  If you don't want to print it to save paper, simply show your card on your mobile device.

How do I know what scores I haven't posted yet?

You can easily see all scores that you have yet to post by visiting your Score Tracking page.  All rounds of golf yet to have a score associated with them are at the top of the page, and you simply need to enter your score, the number of holes, and the tee box you played, and click 'Post', then you're done!

Do you offer advanced score tracking?

We sure do!  Catering to the more meticulous golfers, Advanced Scoring allows golfers to track, on a per-hole basis, the score, number of putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation, ups and downs, sand saves, penalties, and distance for various club hit. Advanced score tracking also automatically calculates a player's equitable score using the equitable stroke control (ESC) formula when entering score in on a per-hole basis.  For each round, a summary of stats is provided at the top for your convenience.


Golf Pipeline Social Network

How do I use the Golf Pipeline friend system?

Using Golf Pipeline, you can connect with your golf buddies and become "friends" on the Golf Pipeline system.  Similar to other popular social networks like Facebook, you can exchange information, communicate via private messaging, see your golf buddies' golf activity, and comment on specific activity.  Start by visiting the "Friends" page and inviting your golf buddies to join Golf Pipeline with you.  You can invite friends by adding their email address, importing your email contacts, or inviting Facebook and LinkedIn contacts to join.  Or, search for existing friends by name and location at the top of the Friends page. Then, visit your "Profile" page, and select the "All Activity" link to see your golf buddies' activity and comment on various posts.

I received a friend request to join Golf Pipeline.  What now?

You can either accept your friend's request by clicking on the link inside of the email you received, or, simply visit your "Friends" page and you will see all pending requests below the listing of your current friends on that page.

How do I see my golf buddies' golf activity?

Perhaps one of the most powerful features of Golf Pipeline, you can view all of your friends' golf activity by visiting your "Profile" page, and select the "All Activity" link.  View the activity and comment on various posts.

Can I send a message to my golf buddies?

You can message other golf buddies individually, one-on-one, or you can create a message to a group of friends all of whom will receive and can respond to the message.  Simply visit the Messages page to create a message and begin to dialog about your golf game.  Trying to figure out who might be able to play?  Want to remember that awesome shot from hole number 18?  Need an opinion on a specific club manufacturer from your three closest golf friends?  Create a message and begin talking today!

How do I comment on my friends' golf activity?

You can view all of your friends' golf activity by visiting your "Profile" page, and select the "All Activity" link.  View the activity and comment on various posts.


Other / Administrative

How do I change my Golf Pipeline password?

You can change your password by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Login" tab, or, if you don't remember your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password.

How do I connect/disconnect my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to Golf Pipeline?

You can connect or disconnect any of your external social network accounts by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Login" tab.  Or, if you're busy inviting friends to golf or to join Golf Pipeline, you can connect your accounts during that process.  If you happen to be taken away to one of the social network sites to verify your account and you cannot complete your current process (example: inviting golfers to play in your group), simply return to the activity and resume your progress after linking your account.

How do I add/change my profile information (i.e., what's in my golf bag)?

As a Golf Pipeline member, you're able to share the equipment you play and other valuable information with your golf buddies.  We refer to it internally as the "What's in my golf bag?" page.  You can add or edit this information by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Profile" tab.  Any changes you make on this page, will show up on your activity feed for your golf buddies to see.  This section is recommended for an annual review so you're equipment is as up-to-date online as it is in your golf bag.  Stop back anytime to freshen up your profile.

I keep getting invitations to join Golf Pipeline, but I'm already a member.  Help!

Because invitations are handled through email, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we have no way of knowing if you're already a member if you belong to Golf Pipeline under one email address (let's say your personal address) and a golf buddy of yours invites you at another email address (let's say your work address).  If you receive an invitation to join and you're already a member, simply click the "Decline Invitation" link found inside the email.  If, however, you are receiving invites to join at your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, the answer is simple: you should connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your Golf Pipeline profile and your friends won't be able to invite you anymore as you'll already be connected.  You can connect or disconnect any of your external social network accounts by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Login" tab.

How do I update my privacy settings?

You can change your privacy settings by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Privacy/Settings" tab. For an optimal experience, we recommend all boxes checked except for the one that says, "Allow my profile to be viewed by friends only" - that box should be unchecked.  However, feel free to modify any of these settings according to your personal preference. 

How do I make my profile unavailable to those that are not my friends?

You can change your privacy settings by visiting your Golf Pipeline "Profile Edit" page and visiting the "Privacy/Settings" tab.  If you would like your profile to be available to your Golf Pipeline friends only, please check the box that says, "Allow my profile to be viewed by friends only".

I thought I had a Golf Pipeline account but cannot request my password.  What now?

It's possible that you had a Golf Pipeline account and it is no longer active.  We reserve the right to disable/delete any accounts that have not had activity for a long period of time, or that are attached to an invalid email address. If your account has an invalid email address attached to it, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you before we permanently delete your account.  We value a high deliverability rate with our email system partner and will preserve that by removing non-valid accounts.

How do I cancel my Golf Pipeline account?

We'd be awfully sorry to see you go, but we understand things happen.  If you'd like to permanently remove your account, please contact us by using the "Feedback for Golf Pipeline" widget on this page and using the "Contact Support" option. However, if you'd like to hang around and remain a member, there is no cost to our service.