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It's time for something different, it's time for something better.

Welcome to Golf Pipeline, the newest tee time search engine. Golf Pipeline is here to partner with golf courses across the country and separate the philosophy of 'aggregated search' from the catastrophe of 'massive discounting'. At Golf Pipeline, there is no listing of 'regular price' and 'discount'; simply, the price listed as set by the golf course whether that be rack rate or special they wish to offer.

We want to give the golfer the most complete view of tee times available in the industry today. To accomplish this, Golf Pipeline will truly partner with the golf course we serve. Our course-related efforts focus on FOUR core principles that we believe will revolutionize the way tee times are distributed, and what a golfer expects from a tee time search engine

The foundation to a long term relationship:
  1. Provide specific data electronically to the golf course for all players
  2. Provide social tools to golfers that help manage their golf game and encourage more rounds played
  3. Abide by all NGCOA best practices regarding third party resellers
  4. Promote a commission-based business model (no barter)

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